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Insure That Your Wedding Day Is Covered

Courtesy The Aisle Photography

Courtesy The Aisle Photography

With spring happily waiting around the corner to bless us with the perfumed smell of hyacinths and vivid rainbow colors of tulips, which means warm sunny days will not be far off, this is an indicator that wedding season has officially commenced for 2016. Brides are brimming over with excitement to bring their visions of enchanted rustic and vintage inspired wedding days to a reality this year. Banquet Halls, Bed and Breakfasts, and hotels will continue to remain popular venues for bride and grooms to host their dream weddings, but if you have not heard already within the past couple of years Brides are going outside of the usual packaged wedding halls and yearning for a more natural and organic environment to hold their wedding day. Farms, vineyards, private and public gardens seem to be attracting brides due to the casual ambiance they provide guests, the endless choices of décor such as mixing chic blends of metallic and bling with wood tones, burlap, linens, and vintage furnishings. Staging rustic/vintage venues can be dreamy to create and plan from a bride’s perspective, but there is one important detail especially if you are a DIY bride who has not hired a wedding coordinator, that you do not want to forget to include wedding day insurance.

Of course everyone is familiar with car insurance, homeowners insurance, traveler's insurance and life insurance, but who thinks about wedding event insurance? I have to admit I did not consider purchasing wedding insurance. Thankfully there were no incidents that occurred during my wedding day that required coverage. Although I admit there almost was one when I contemplated inflicting bodily harm on my inept DJ we hired which ruined over half my reception until thankfully the attentive staff at the Crystal Point Yacht Club located in Point Pleasant came to our receptions rescue and brought in the DJ from a wedding which ended before our reception to fill out the remainder of my party. Aside from that, wedding insurance was not present on my mind when I was planning my grand event, but I’m here to inform brides that it is a good investment and to give you peace of mind as you enjoy your big day.

As farms, wineries and many outdoor non-traditional venues become more popular sites, many towns and owners of these venue sites are requiring that hosts provide proof of insurance coverage most particularity if you will be serving alcoholic beverages and also to cover any accidental damage that may occur to their facility during your event. Wedding insurance coverage also provides coverage for expenses in case you may have to postpone your event due to an unfortunate circumstance. Wedding insurance protects your event and you and since you both have invested both time and finances into planning your special day it would be advantageous to protect your investment so that you can celebrate as new husband and wife and so can your guests.

Check out the link below it contains the leading and most positive review backed wedding insurance companies. As they mention most of these companies you can purchase insurance within weeks of your wedding event or even hours before your ceremony begins and you will have immediate coverage.

We are a photography company and we enjoy covering weddings for bride and grooms and I would venture to say we are one of the most important vendors you can hire because without us you have no tangible memories of your day, but this kind of coverage is the most important because you want to walk down the aisle confident that everyone will be covered not just on camera. Happy Planning!

-The Aisle Photography

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