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Friends Don’t Let Friends Shoot Their Wedding Day

The Aisle Photography Head Photographer and Owner Dee Rosser photographing Mr & Mrs Kyle & Tyler Olsen on their gorgeous wedding day on September 25th, 2015 in beautiful Burnham Park, Morristown, NJ. Congratulations to this wonderful couple who just recently celebrated their 1 year anniversary!

The Aisle Photography Head Photographer and Owner Dee Rosser photographing Mr & Mrs Kyle & Tyler Olsen on their gorgeous wedding day on September 25th, 2015 in beautiful Burnham Park, Morristown, NJ. Congratulations to this wonderful couple who just recently celebrated their 1 year anniversary!

It seems to be trending among bridal circles throughout the Garden State, brides are confiding in their friends to cover their wedding day. I get it; we are now living in an age of smart phone cameras and social media sharing. Everyone assumes they can at least take some decent shots because just think about it, in 2015 statistics showed that globally there were close to 1 trillion photos taken on average, that’s an insane number of photos! Yes we are obsessed with snapping away and sharing with the world our daily documented lives. So when it comes to picture taking brides are torn between should I really consider hiring a professional photographer for my wedding day?  They contemplate that they could save some cash or use it to splurge on a fun photo-booth for guests to take shameless selfies with wigs and colorful accessories while indulging ;)


 Friends are approaching their friends getting married and offering to take pictures during their wedding. Their approach, “I own a digital SLR that I fool around with on weekends taking pictures of Fido and flowers in my garden, how hard is it to take wedding day photos just set it on automatic and point and shoot away during the ceremony and reception, I got this!” “I took some pretty cool shots on my iPhone 7 during summer vacation in St. Lucia, I could save you a huge amount on photography, you are my friend let me do this as a gift.” 


As a bride you want to thank your friend for being such a great BFF, but graciously say a big fat NO, I’ll pass! I think I better leave our pictures to a professional because we invested a lot into this day and I want to capture every second of it and I want you to be a guest and enjoy the moments with me. And brides why should you pass on letting a friend shoot your wedding day? Let me count the ways..


  As a professional wedding photographer, you are what it means, a professional. When you agree to shoot a clients wedding day you are going to the wedding to do a job for the couple that hired you, not to enjoy the festivities, fraternize with guests, and indulge in food and special beverages. (Like my wedding day photographers chowed away on everything under the sun including my cocktail hour, which I never got a chance to see nor partake of and we paid them $5000 to provide us with badly shot pictures in 2010, hence why we started a wedding photography company, but that’s another blog) As a professional you will not allow yourself to be distracted by friends & family members because you are a pro and you know how to be charming and gracious to the bride and grooms guests, and still cover every angle and moment of their day’s festivities.  You have it down to a science knowing every detail that is going to make their pictures special, you won’t forget to cover shots of the centerpieces, bouquets, place settings, details of the room, or pieces of the barn, chandeliers, candles, etc., while catching moments that others won’t see like a close-up of bride and grooms hands caressing each other while the best man speaks, or the flower girl doing a twirl around in the over sized mirror out in the vestibule of the venue when no one is looking, these are shots that a trained professional will get and make you cry tears of joy when you receive your pictures.



Like experience, pro-equipment is key in covering a wedding, more than one camera a must, several lenses for different perspectives, lighting kits, filters, extra batteries, chargers, and the list continues. Every wedding day is unique and so are the circumstances, you have to adjust for sun glares, cloud coverage, rain, snow, dim interior lighting, and the situations are endless. Poorly lit pictures, shadows and out of focus shots are not on a professional photographer’s list. And if your wedding day photographer never changes lenses during your entire day…Oh God I feel for your final proofs (The photographer I hired 6 years ago, never changed lenses, hence again why my pictures turned out looking like crap six years ago) Also professional photographers DO NOT shoot in AUTO FOCUS!! They use various lens settings to adjust for the shot.


3.     During an average 8 hour wedding day, which would include, behind the scenes of the bridal preparation, ceremony, family and bridal party portraits, and reception coverage the average shoot could be anywhere from 3,000-5,000 shots and sometimes more. Photographers take several rapid shots in multiples most particularly during ceremony and group portraits because people blink or look away or do all sorts of funny movement when taking pictures, so they might take 30 of the same shot so that you will get at least 2 pictures that are flattering to each person in the group.  Post editing production is key in finishing wedding proofs. Many photographers prefer to edit their own proofs and this is a laborious task but a satisfying labor of love for their work and their client’s satisfaction. During editing proofs they must go through endless photos finding the perfect ones that flatter their clients, family and friends. And once they find those shots cleanup begins, touching up blemishes, color correction, etc. This is not something your friend is going to be adept to doing, and especially when he or she finds that they have hundreds of important pictures of your wedding ruined by de-focused subjects, accompanied by shadows and double images, they are not going to be so gleeful about handing over your wedding day pictures:(


There is an endless list of reasons why you should strongly consider hiring a professional photographer, but I won’t bore you any longer! Today’s lesson, your professional photographer is the most important vendor you will hire outside of your offciant, without us you have no tangible journal of your day. Your day is worth more than smart phone pics, selfies. and auto-focused novice operated digital SLR’s and don’t leave documenting the most important vested day of your life in the hands of a friend. Let your friend be what they are best at doing, being a loyal friend and let them enjoy celebrating your day with you and leave your wedding day photography to the professionals!


If you need a true caring professional wedding photographer for your day, contact The Aisle Photography @907-891-7851 We are currently offering 10% off our wedding day packages until 10/31/16!




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